What can I do if I have to stay at home this summer?

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We hope that you are going in a splendid vacation and that you will be happy to see new places and faces but sometimes for business reasons or for unexpected events we are forced to remain at home, maybe in a desert city, for all the summer days.

First don’t despair, you are not alone. Then have a look at our proposal and ideas, you will be more than happy to discover that there are a lot of activities to do when you are alone in your town.

1 – Shopping: Yes, shopping. Why? Because most of the shops will be open but deserted, shop assistant will be at your complete disposal and you will have more choices: take your time and make some good deal!

2 – Visit a Museum in your city: Yes, because maybe you visited it when you were a child but we are quite sure that you have visited museums all over the world but probably you are ignoring those of your city.

3 – Do some sport: Yes, your city will be empty and noone will see you, you can try to do some movement and noone will notice that you are not that fit.

4 – Be a tourist: Yes, being a tourist in your own city will give you the most out of this experience. You know well the place and your are aware of what you have to avoid: simply the best situation.

5 – Drink an aperitif in solitude: Oh yes! No one will judge you, you will be alone and you will drink whatever you want.

6 – Watch a movie at your favourite cinema: Yes, alone, in a fresh movie theater. Ok, movies during summer are not that qualitatives but you will enjoy the experience.

Did you like our little guide to survive during summer in your city?

Let us know and if you are getting crazy call us, we will bring you wherever you want 🙂