5 alternative destinations for Summer 2016

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Tired of the usual prepackaged summer destinations? Get inspired by these 5 locations, maybe unknown to most tourist but surely full of charm.

1) Ouarzazate, Morocco
If beach life and oceans are not for you, Ouarzazate, Morocco, is your ideal destination. In the middle of a desert, famous for its clay buildings, it is corner of paradise, an oasi!

2) Gubbio, Italy
Gubbio is a town in the Italian province of Perugia, in Umbria. A place rich in history and culture where you can still breathe all the historian periods that have crossed this little town. A fascinating place to get lost for a few days.

3) Sedlec, Kutna Hora, Czech Republic
A mystic town with a cathedral entirely decorated with human bones. A magnetic appeal and disturbing vibes seem to permeate the surrounding rural area. The right place for horror movie fans!

4) Leshan, China
Here you can find the largest statue of Buddha in the world, in Sichuan Province. The Buddha, in a seated position with his hands resting on his knees, was carved into the rock at the confluence of three rivers the Minjiang, Dadu and Qingyi, to protect merchant ships coming down the current of these troubled waters. A magical place by the very artistic and natural value.

5) Aokigahara, Japan
A thick forest, beautiful and full of a sinister charm. It is also called the forest of suicides, certainly not a cheerful name, but definitely a place to see once in a lifetime for the sensations that leaves to those who visit it.

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