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Switzerland is a magnificent country: from ancient times it was recognized as a magical place, where to find the lost serenity. In the early days of tourism and travel the Swiss nation was already seen as one of the most interesting destinations: the beauty of the nation passes through the authenticity and genuineness that have always characterized Swiss and its inhabitants.

Nowadays Switzerland is one of the protagonist of international tourism, people from every corner of the world come here to visit its beauty. Let’s see together what are, in our opinion, the top 10 places not to miss when visiting Switzerland.

1 – The Matterhorn, Zermatt
the Matterhorn in Zermatt stands 4.478 meters high and is one of the most famous peak in the Alps. The view is something irresistible and the adjacent valleys offer high quality restaurants and hospitality.
2 – St. Mortiz
It does not need any introduction, the mountain resort par excellence for years on the crest of the wave offers fantastic opportunities for recreation in winter and summer. Do not miss it.
3 – The Rhine Falls
Situated near the town of Schaffhausen, they are Europe’s largest waterfalls, really amazing. Near the falls is the medieval castle, Schoss Laufen. On Swiss National Day, 1 August, the Rhine Falls is host to fantastic display of fireworks which attracts thousands and thousands of tourists from all over the world.
4 – Bern
The capital city, a pearl of great artistic and historical value. Seat of government and home of monuments of rare beauty. A place to be absolutely visited.
5 – Zurich
The economic capital of Switzerland, offering a great blend of history and modernity, at the turn of the future and the past.
6 – Swiss National Park, Zernez
The Swiss Natural Park is magnificent and offers an impressive variety of flora and fauna to admire: a true spectacle of nature.
7 – St. Gallen
A city rich in history and art, the medieval city where time seems to have stopped hundreds of years ago.
8 – Gruyères
Visit this small village and the surrounding region to get lost in a timeless tale: from a culinary point of view one of the most interesting area of the entire state with typical products exported and recognized all around the world.
9 – Geneva
A city of rare beauty, gorgeous, capable of giving emotions thanks to its cultural vibrancy and thanks to its attractiveness. Visit it for its museums and its lake which also houses the tallest fountain in the world!
10 – Ticino
Maybe we’re biased, but Ticino offers an impressive number of attractions for the visitor. Lugano, Bellinzona, Locarno, Mendrisiotto: these are just some of the wonderful places to visit in Switzerland southernmost canton. The artistic and natural beauty of the Canton are a lot and many are waiting to be discovered. Come in and visit Switzerland without visiting Ticino is a bit like going to Paris and not visiting the Eiffel Tower 🙂

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