Tired of the cold weather? Let’s go to the sea

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Sure, Switzerland during winter is more than beautiful. Unspoiled natural landscapes, snow and beautiful mountains. Endless possibilities for fun and beautiful places to spend the winter holidays in perfect Christmas-Style.

But not everyone loves the cold weather and many people tire easily of snow. Are you fed up with all this? Escape with us, with a few hours of air you will discover paradisiacal landscapes where the sun and the heat are the masters.

Maldives: a classic. Maldives are composed of a group of atolls located in the Indian Ocean, a beautiful landscape where you can find peace of mind on some remote island. To do once in your life!

Sun Chair on the Beach Maldives

Thailand: if you feel like something more adventurous Thailand may be the place for you. Beautiful sea, beaches and lots of people to meet. Do not miss Thai cuisine, a true delicacy


Cape Verde: frequented by Europeans during the winter, Cape Verde is becoming the St. Moritz of the lovers of the winter sea. You don’t believe us? Take a spin on luxury resorts and walk on the beautiful beaches, you risk finding some of your colleagues and friends!


Egypt: turbulent zone inside, Egypt remains a popular tourist destination in coastal areas, especially Sharm El Sheik has not lost its tourist attraction and it is capable, with a few hours of flight, to give great satisfaction.


Zanzibar: the territory of Zanzibar is basically an archipelago located in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of eastern Tanzania. Fantastic climate and hospitable people, for the more adventurous in search of excitement this island so bubbly will give real emotions.


Seychelles: near Zanzibar we found this fantastic archipelago, really quiet and with lovely views almost everywhere. Judge for yourself from the picture.


Costa Rica: small state of Central America, the sea, the tropical and breezy climate.. a classic piece of paradise with spicy impications. To be discovered!

Tenorio Waterfall, Costa Rica

All these places are easily accessible with a few hours of flight. We will be happy to assist you in these intercontinental flights: fly with us and live an easy travel experience tailor-made for you. Anywhere, anytime.

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