The difference between a commercial flight and a private jet with Air Dynamic

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The question that many people ask us before trying the service of helicopters and private jets is the same since many years: why should I take a private jet or an helicopter when I can use a normal aircraft? The answer we give is always the same: try our service just once and you’ll understand by yourself why.

We are sincere in saying that once you try our service is really hard to go back, we try to explain it in words, even if the facts speak for us!

Our customer is at the centre of the service: normally the customer has to run to catch the aircraft but with Air Dynamic it is possible to meet and satisfy all the needs of the client, even the unthinkable. You no longer have to wait for the plane but we will be waiting until you are ready and you want to leave. The ratio of passenger-aircraft is so totally different from what you’d find in a normal airliner.

Time saving, easy embarkation and disembarkation of passengers, direct and comfortable service with always an eye to luxury: the customer is followed at 360 degrees from the moment in which the limousine picks him/her up until she/he is at the destination. And even after that we offer a service 24h per day able to respond to any need at any time.

Price is certainly different, but it all depends on your priorities: what is the value of your time and your well-being? For Air Dynamic they are the most important things.

We also invite you to click the link below to view a nice video that will surely help you to understand why hundreds of business man every year choose us for their journeys: enjoy 🙂

commercial flight VS private jet (VIDEO)