The 7 tricks for those suffering from air sickness

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Today there are fewer and fewer people who suffer from air sickness. The practice of flying is getting more and more into our everyday lives, but unfortunately there are still people who have minor ailments when they get ready to fly. Nausea, panic, headache, earache.

Small but annoying problems that can sometimes ruin the experience of a pleasant flight.

Let’s see together what are some small tricks to eliminate the disadvantages of the flight.

1- Take a seat near the wings of the airplane: in this way you have chosen the place with less vibration and more stability. The sensation of vibration, together with the visual cues that do not indicate a movement is what causes nausea and air sickness.

2- Stay seated: give stability to your body. Doing so also reduce the chances of suffering from the strong movements that sometimes accompany air travel.

3- Do not read: do not read books, do not look at the phone. Often the cause of air sickness is the continuing focus of the eye caused by the vibrations of the vehicle.

4- Eat a chewing gum: be focused on chewing. In addition to relax, eat a chewing gum also has the effect of mitigating the ear pain caused by changes in pressure.

5- Avoid eating heavy: Before a flight, especially if of several hours, it is better to eat little and light to avoid being weighed down by digestion.

6- Avoid alcohol and coffee: Experts recommend to reduce the intake of coffee and alcohol. Many people, however, tell us to be much more comfortable on the plane after drinking something. Do not worry then, a drink will be gladly grant!

7- Think positive: flying is the safest mode of transport in the world, as well as the more comfortable and faster. The mindset can often make the difference.

We hope these tips have helped to give you a better and more relaxing flying experience: if you have questions or other tips we are here to answer and listen to your suggestions.

Lastly, if you have a serious fear of flying, Patricia Gozlan, our expert in this field, will be happy to help you to take flight in a more quiet and relaxed mood.

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