The 5 strangest Airport in the world!

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In the most remote corners of the world we can find airports that are hard to believe real, but they are! Some are really difficult to reach while others were probably visited by some of you: let’s find out which are, for us, the 5 strangest airports of the world!

1 – Kansai International Airport
We find this airport in Osaka, Japan. Its particularity?
Simply is located 3 miles from the coast.. easy right?


2 – Madeira International Airport
On the seaside, romantic isn’t it? It is located in such a romantic place that to renovate and modernize the airport, without moving it, it was decided to extend the runway of 2.7 km using 200 concrete columns, completely overlooking the sea.. breathtaking!


3 – Ice Runway
In Antarctica, everything on the ice, so you can use it to drink fresh cocktails. Only for adventurous people.


4 – Barra, Scotland
An airport where a landing must be made consistent with the movements of the tides and the ocean. Unique to say the least.


5 – Courchevel International Airport
Well it is also quite close to us, reachable by helicopter, to be visited at least once in your lifetime. A hill in the middle of the track. Strange enough for you?


We have seen the 5 strangest airports in the world, do you like them? Have you visited something even weirder? Please let us know, email us, comment and feel free to share! And if you wish to visit these airports in person, well here we are! 🙂