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VIP Executive Jet Transfers came naturally as an extension to the existing services to provide a complete, turn key – door to door – transportation solution. It requires time and experience to understand this market sector well and an enhanced level of co-ordination & logistics in order to provide truly seamless journey. Our existing client base was interested in connecting onwards. Onwards now means whether arriving or departing by Jet, Helicopter or luxury car you choose how you would like to connect the last leg to your final destination. A solution will be at your disposal no matter at which point  in the transfer you may be with the highest level of service throughout every phase of your trip from beginning to end.

Today, Air-Dynamic organizes charter jet transfers for groups of VIP’s large and small and regularly uses heavy jets such as the Falcon 7X, Challengers 850/605 and Legacy 600 for longer flights and also smaller, practical yet comfortable jets such as the Cessna Mustang or the CL300 and Citation series for shorter distances.

Most importantly you will never be left without first class transportation, we will always find a solution for you, wherever you may find yourself.

Tell us when, where, how many passengers, your destination and we will guarantee you the highest standard aircraft/operator combination at the best price. Due diligence, constant research and tracking of the market allows, through proper planning, a far superior alternative solution to what would otherwise be considered as a regular transfer at a competitive price.  The objective on every occasion is value for money without compromise.

A dedicated person for each flight will follow every stage of your journey with us and coordinate every detail as required on your behalf, including car transfers to/from the helipad/airport and Villa/Hotel including reservations if need be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still open questions?

Get closer to your destination
There are around 500 airports in Europe served by commercial airlines. But there are around 5,000 airports and aerodromes that are accessible by private aircraft. That means you’re less likely to have to make a long transfer via helicopter or via ground transportation.

Go where others can’t
Around 96 per cent of city pairs (a route between two different airports) served by business aviation around the world don’t have any scheduled commercial flights. That means you can get to around three cities in one day in Europe and you’ll be back home for dinner with your family.

With a private jet you can arrive at small terminals fifteen minutes before the scheduled departure, define the time you depart and make changes at short notice.

Air-dynamic will provide advice not only on type of aircraft but also choice of register and create an operating budget for an agreed period such that from the outset, a transparent estimate of costs is available to help you make a decision that suits you. We will recruit competent aircrew, provide training and manage your aircraft either for the purposes of cost recovery (ad-hoc charter) or solely on your behalf. Monthly reports and annual reconciliation, tax advice, rostering and flight following, provision of CAMO and AOC are integral and a part of the all inclusive service.

Air Charter is our core business, therefore through our existing client base Air-Dynamic provides the ability to recover operational costs through the charter of your aircraft to third parties.

It’s a myth that luxury use is the primary purpose of private jets.” To give an example half of the Cessna Citation line-up is optimised for owner-pilots, the other half is aimed at corporate clients.

Among owner pilots that might mean, for example, a wealthy doctor or a wealthy property developer who has a passion for flying, who will quite happily go out and buy their own aircraft. The ultimate aspirational aircraft to own is a jet. There are many people out there who own small jets to fly themselves around. They are single pilot certified.

High net worth individuals
Some individuals can afford to purchase their own private jet, including high net worth individuals. Typically these customers will turn right when they board rather than left. They will hire their own pilots.

You can have any colour you like as long as it’s off white
White liveries and two-tone liveries (with a white top and a different colour underbelly) are popular. We don’t recommend that you go too dark with your colour. Dark colours may cause certain critical components to warp and distort and it’s the same on the interior, especially if the aircraft is parked in a hot location like Nice or somewhere in the Middle East in the summer.
Air-Dynamic can help you paint and customize your Private Jet according to your desires.