Post-vacation blues

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It is unfortunately true: for many of us holidays are over. Seas and mountains are just memories now, work is the only thing to think about.
Decline in attention, headache, irritability, muscle aches, tiredness, fatigue, moodiness:
these are some symptoms of the post-vacation blues. But what can we do to get better?

Air Dynamic is not only capable of taking you on vacation but it is also able to tell you what to do when you have to go back to work, just some little advice that can alleviate your suffering:

– It is important, especially coming back from a long trip, maybe far away from home, to prepare ourselves in advance and in a progressive manner to the changing of lifestyle and schedule a few days of rest before the actual date of return to work. In this way you can get back to your job with all the energy needed.

– In the early days of the return do not exaggerate with task. Give yourself small goals and don’t be scared by the amount of work that has accumulated during your absence: it is physiological and inevitable, keep calm!

– Try to do something new, found a new hobby, try a new food, practice a new sport. With the beginning of the new season of work you have to make a small change, you do not have to change something important, but even a small thing can make a real difference!

– Lots of doctors give the advice, in these cases, to do a little physical activity. Even if you are not used to do it, if you will make small movements and you will work even a little on yourself not only your body will thank you but also your mind will be happier!

Try to follow our advice and let us know how you feel and if you can not resist and you will miss the holidays too much just remember that we will always be there to take you anywhere, even for a hit and run 😉