Posted by Lorenzo Fanetti


It is really hard to come back working after a long holiday: this period, for a lot of people, is one of the most stressfull of the year.

We gave you some advice in the past (2014) (2015) but now we have some more tips to help you to get out from this sad period.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

1. Re-live your holiday/vacation experiences: did you enjoy swimming in a carribean sea? Join a pool in your city! Did you enjoy playing tennis with your friends in a five star hotel? Try squash! Even if it’s not the same thing we are sure that it will help, a lot!

2. Talk: yes, everyone will be happy to listen about your interesting holiday experience. If they are not that happy maybe try to change your listener. It will help you to elaborate the sorrow of being back at work.

3. Look foward: even if it is really important not to live waiting for your next vacation it is important to understand that there will be another summer and another experience is going to come.

If you really can’t survive your coming back call us now: we will give you some more practical solution in order to overcome this dark times 🙂

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