Post-vacation blues [PT.2]

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We know well that getting back from vacation is not easy at all. Last year we published this article to help you getting back without too much shock and it was really appreciated by our loyal readers.

Read it and if you are not satisfied you can read these other four advice by our experts!

– Do not live with your head on vacation: plan your vacation already starting from September, counting the days (or even hours!) that separate you from your next vacation is harmful and inconclusive. Find your comfort zone in your everyday life, happyness is possible also during working days. Treat yourself ,do sport and remember that restaurants are not to be frequented only on vacation!

– Fight heat stress: It may seems strange but in September a cause of greatest discomfort is precisely heat stress. One thing is to be hot and sweaty on the beach or by the pool, another is the same thing in the office or during working hours. Heat stress experienced by workers – said the psychologist – is typical of those people who are working indoors, in offices. These workers feel dizziness, headaches, irritability and nausea. All conditions involving an inevitable stress factor. Use fans, air conditioners and icicles.

– Create a positive working setting: get to the office and start to scream and argue further worsens the quality of our lives, not just of our work. It’s important to create a serene environment where the partner is a friend, not an additional factor causing negativity. Be courteous and polite, every time!

– Don’t be impressed: perhaps the most important thing. Diseases and problems are mostly in our heads. Be strong, remember that you can do it and you’ll see that all the difficulties will go away and if the difficults are insurmountable you’ll still have the strength to face them.

Have you enjoyed our 4 new advices? Let us know, and if you really can not stay away from the beaches and holidays we are here, at your complete disposal 🙂