Lugano Airport, a bit of history

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Lugano Airport is situated in a splendid location, surrounded by beautiful mountains and by the lake, a gem and one of a kind. The airport, however, is not only beautiful; it is vital for the region’s economy and plays an important role in the economic development of the canton.

But how is it born?

At the beginning of the twentieth century pioneers of aviation in Ticino possessed a grass runway in the Campo Marzio district: because of the location of the field and because of the construction development of the thirties the position was considered dangerous and it was decided to move operations to the plain of Vedeggio in the area of Agno, quieter and less urbanized.

The Aero Club Lugano (born in 1936) proposed the construction of a hangar and a runway 1 km long and 100 meters wide. In 1937 work began and in 1938 the airfield was opened, but the flights were suspended during the war.

In 1947 work began on the construction of the airport itself, thanks to financial aid provided by the city of Lugano and thus were born the basics of the airport as we know it today
The actual development of the airport of Lugano took place between the seventies and early eighties, when several companies decided to invest out of creating links from Lugano to Zurich, Berne, Basel, Venice, Nice, Florence, Rome, London, Monaco, Frankfurt, Naples and Bologna.

Currently the airport is growing, there are many ideas and now a large number of private flights, operated mainly by our company, are contributing to the good fortune of this airport. The future, at this time, it is never easy, but the work is paying and will continue to bear fruit and Air Dynamic is a witness to the skill and professionalism of all airport workers who help to make the airport an example of professionalism and rigor in Switzerland.