In search of sun

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Many people across Europe have suffered from the unfavorable climate in summer that was, to put it mildly, “cold”. The season in this area has not given the developments that everybody was expecting, but all is not lost: weather forecasts seem to improve. We expect a backlash and so why not spend the last week of August to the well-deserved holiday?

Where would you like to go? To be sure, there are several places where it is really hard to find bad weather, Southern Italy, for example, or the fantastic Cyclades islands in Greece! Even the Balkans seem destined to enjoy some sunny day in the last few days of August.

Do you want to overdo it? Africa in the end is not so far away, you will find what you seek in Egypt or in Tunisia or if you want to push you towards black Africa you have to know that until October you will be quite certain that you will not find rainy days.

Do you want to be really sure to find the sun and you do not want to risk it?
Go to Arica: Why? It’s easy to say. In Arica never rains!
It ‘probably the most arid city of the Earth, with an average of about 0.5 mm of rain per year. This practically absolute dryness involves some curious consequences, such as the fact that many motorists take away from the cars their wiper blades, absolutely useless accessory. Another significant fact is that the modern suburban bus terminal has almost all the waiting rooms with no roof, also phones and many electrical components of the structure are almost uncovered and it is the same in many parts of the city.
This Chilean city is not just dry but it seems to be really nice and pleasant: if you want to see it or if you want to visit any place in search of the good weather you will not have to do anything but write to us, we’ll do the rest 🙂