FIFA World Cup 2014: in Brazil with Air Dynamic!

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2014 is the year of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil: every year brings with it something, something indescribable. A passion that is passed down from one edition to another: each edition is able to recall millions of people from all over the globe to attend football matches.

But are we talking about football matches only? What’s around the games is something you have to experience firsthand to fully understand it. The atmosphere of a match of the World Cup is something you have to feel at least once in your life and it become a “must” in Brazil, the venue for this edition of the World Cup, the home of football, where the most beautiful sport in the world can be breathed at every street corner, in every single place.

Brazil may seem a little out of reach for those who travel from Europe or at least not directly from South America, relying mainly that the matches mostly will not take place in the worldwide famous tourist destinations but in towns less accessible but very beautiful as Recife, Manaus and Natal.

For these reason Air-Dynamic is ready to provide to all who wants to experience the real world cup spirit a tailor-made service to travel to Brazil from anywhere in Europe and in the world and we would be happy to take care also of the domestic travel within Brazil in case you want to go from place to place to follow different matches in the top flight safety and always with an eye to service and luxury.

Our Heavy Jet, always available for our customers, have no compromises in luxury and in flight quality and they will allow you to reach Brazil wherever you are and whenever you want: our staff will be also happy to assist you for your needs 24 per day without any stop, because we want you to be fully relaxed and to only care about football 🙂
Call us (+41 91 605 33 06) or write us ( for more information, we will be happy to assist you 🙂