EXPO 2015: an eye to the future of the planet

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20 million people will arrive in Milan between 1 May and 31 October 2015 on the occasion of the Universal Exposition and among these there will be some of the most famous and important personalities globally.
The reflectors around the world will be focused on the economic capital of Italy that will have an important responsibility to welcome an impressive number of visitors.
The participation at this event is crucial for anyone who wants to stay updated on all environmental issues with significant economic implications regarding transport, new technologies, GMOs, and many others. The entire economy in all its fields is affected by the above issues and we can not think to conduct in the right way our business without an eye to the future and Milan, during the EXPO, arises to define what will be the future of the entire planet.
Not to mention that a huge number of business man of high importance will be looking for new partners and new opportunities and who does not grasp the moment is likely to regret it for years to come.

Even Air – Dynamic is already moving in order to serve its customers in the best way: we are having lots of request and now, far in advance, the firsts clients are organizing and defining their trips to get to Milan from all over the world with Jet and for moving in Milan by helicopter. Many people take the opportunity to combine business with pleasure by visiting the beauties of Italy and Europe and even in this case Air – Dynamic is ready to offer quick and practical transfers to all customers who wish to take advantage of a great service.

We are already planning all of our work to be able to satisfy all of our customers at the maximal standard, if you want to take a step forward and ask for some information, we are always at your disposal! Less than a year and we will all meet in Milan: see you there 😉