Autonassa: straight out of International Geneva Motor Show

Posted by Lorenzo Fanetti

You were not in Geneva between the 8th and the 18th March 2018. So, you missed something really big.

Keep calm, all is not lost. Actually there is an event that is able to combine the beauty of Lugano with the latest notables of the automotive industry. We are surely talk about Autonassa (26-29/4/2018).


Autonassa is truly an unique event: for the 38th time all the novelties presented at the Geneva Motor Show will be presented in this privileged stage that is Via Nassa, a suggestive and exclusive location that allows everyone to admire the best dreamcars or maybe look for the most suitable model with which spend time in the company of the whole family.


So, we are waiting for you in Lugano: we are at your disposal for your transportation needs, if your are more an helicopter or jet type maybe Autonassa is not enough for you but we really think that it’s worth it!


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