Are you ready for a new ski season? One eye on the weather and on the winter season 2014/2015

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The winter sports fans can not wait. Many ski resorts are reopening their lifts. Let’s see together what are the tracks to visit this year recommended by Air Dynamic:

around St. Moritz it is already possible to ski, also in Davos from 14th November it is possible, thanks to the heavy snowfall in recent days at high altitude, to do some track.

As for Italy from the 8th of November, there is the possibility to ski on Cervinia, on the glacier Persena and in Val solda, location that are highly valued by many athletes.

As for Madesimo, resort close to the Swiss border, we will have to wait at least until 22nd of November, official date of opening of the winter season.

In France and in Austria the situation is good, the trails are open or at least they are about to be opened.

In general, despite the increase in average temperatures across Europe compared to the seasonal average values, the skiing slopes, sometimes with the help of snow cannons, are opening already in these days.

According to meteorologists the months of December and January in Europe will be very cold, with heavy snowfall to the delight of lovers of winter sports.

Air Dynamic as each year will be happy to provide outstanding service for mountain lovers: are you ready to go with your helicopter to the most beautiful ski resorts in Europe? We are here for you!

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