Air dynamic for Evtušenko

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Evgenij Aleksandrovič Evtušenko has been and will always remain the internationally recognized symbol of the beauty and power of poetry and literature of Russia. His adventurous life and his travels have made him a legendary character: his love for freedom made him often an awkward figure and certainly did not guaranteed him a simple life.

From childhood up to recent years Evtušenko has always proven to be a free spirit in words and in deeds: his temperament is perhaps one of the main reason why in the world has been always recognized beloved ambassador of Russian culture. The artistic talent of the poet, eighty-two years old , has not yet subsided, and he still remains one of the most interesting and most followed poets internationally.

The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation has organized in Lugano, at the Galleria San Giorgio International, the exhibition ” Alberi di Betulla nana come simbolo della natura russa ” from the collection “Museum Gallery Evtušenko”. The exhibition opens on June 4th at 18.30 and it will be inaugurated by the great poet Yevtushenko who will personally read his latest and unpublished poems.

Air Dynamic, together with Kessel Auto, is sponsor of the initiative and it is pleased to participate in the realization of this culturally and artistically unique event, and, in particular, is proud to present an artist like Evgenij Aleksandrovič Evtušenko in the city of Lugano.

For any information call us at +41 91 605 33 06, the exhibition will be open until June 15th.