5 of the strangest jets and helicopters prototypes in the world

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If you want to keep up with the times it is important to have the ability to look ahead: in a dynamic world such as the one of aviation new discoveries are often around the corner.

So let’s see together 5 of the strangest jets and helicopters prototypes in the world.

1) Ava ONE Personal Jet
A Private Jet carried to the extreme, able to harness solar energy and use new innovative materials. All this for this two-seat jet that would be, in the intention of the builders, “easy to use”.


2) The Ecologic Aircraft by Daphnis Fournier
The goal of the creator was to build up a fully electric passenger plane. The plane will use an inflatable structure above the main cabin, able to use the sun’s energy to power the vehicle.


3) AVX TX – Roadable Helicopter
This helicopter combines the ability of a Hummer to those of a normal single-engine helicopter. Useful to jump the queue.


4) Synergy – A new class of Airplane
This private jet has the goal of moving up to 6 people. Short and fast movements, for a mean of transport defined as fast as a jet and as light as an ultralight. How does it work? This is still a mystery for us.

Synergy-v30-GFC1 prototype jet

5) E-Volo 18-Rotor Helicopter
$10 for 30 minutes of flight. This helicopter is proposed as a cheap alternative compared to more famous luxury helicopters. It seems to us reliable, but like all the others for now is only a prototype.

elicottero assurdo

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