5 of the finest dream car presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2015

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Between Thursday 5/03/15 and Sunday 15/03/2015 will be held the Geneva Motor Show 2015. A schedule to keep for all the car enthusiasts since 1905: the place to be for all the people that wants to understand the new trends in technology and style.

Every year the show is also characterized by an eye for luxury and its proposals are capable to satisfy VIP customers of the highest level.
Let’s see then what will be the stars of this edition:

Audi Prologue Avant
Coupe design and SUV comfort: be amazed by this revolutionary Audi which according to experts will flood the streets of all Europe.

McLaren 675LT
A Supercar for anyone who does not mind spending. Explosive power and speed: 0-100 in 2.9 seconds and the maximum speed of 330km / h. Want more?

Mercedes G500 4×4²
45 cm between the asphalt and the floor of the car: all obstacles are welcome. The power of the Mercedes’ Engine and the flawless mechanics do the rest.

Aston Martin Vulcan
We are very sorry, but even if you can afford this beautiful super car you will never have the chance to drive it on the street. Its 800 horsepower are reserved to the track and maybe it’s better in this way!

Ferrari FXX-K
1050 horsepower: only this should suffice as a calling card for this amazing Ferrari. The ultimate dream, certainly not for everyone: price list 2.5 million euro.

Do you want to take a look at all of these incredible beauties live? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will think of everything. You just have to sit on your Private Jet or on your Private Helicopter, it is definitely faster than a car. Even than the fastest! 🙂